At FOM, we desire God to shape you into a mission vessel that points all praise and honor to Him. It is our faith that His Presence would completely empower you as you journey to the heavenly realm, through every difficulty and success. May you boldly share God’s vivid hope to others as He inspires you to endure through life’s challenges, shining His eternal light on the lost. We are promised an abundant life as His children in our relationships, ministries, missions, and throughout our journey. Our feelings for you are unfathomable. We are humbled and privileged to provide you with revelation messages because of your continuing prayers and support. You are regarded as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in this home.

Prophet Frank Okyere

Known for his unique prophetic gift, healing ministry and apostolic grace. Prophet Frank Okyere was born on December 12, in the Eastern region of Ghana born to William Okyere & Beatrice Oppong. 

At the tender age of 9 he became a worshipper, at the age of 15 he discovered he was gifted in healing and in visions. Eventually called into the office of a Prophet to deliver messages to the kingdom, to raise champions and leaders in the 21st century church. He refers and recommends the knowing of the Holy Spirit on an intimate level as he attended the School of the Holy Spirit.

Prophet Frank never attended school, but with yielding and having a teachable spirit. The Holy Spirit has taught him how to read, write and given him a wide range of vocabulary. Prophet Okyere, has travelled the world from the USA, Togo, Austria, Switzerland, France, Ghana, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Cote D’ivoire, Uganda, Canada and Holland impacting and empowering millions of lives through his powerful preaching, prophetic and teaching. 

Prophet Frank is also a family man, married to Lady Yvonne and together they are blessed with three kids. 

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